Thursday, September 13, 2007

PhoenixCast Ep 9: PhoenixCast Unplugged Finally after much delay we have for you the 9th episode of phoenixcast. Hear Professors V, Ingrid, Morgan and slytherin student Tiny Tim discuss Harry Potter and the deathly Hollows in one of the most unorganized, impromptu episodes ever.
  • Slytherins over take the show!
  • General discussion of likes and dislikes of the ending
  • Gryffindor Vs. Slytherin. Listener poll: Email us what house you are in whether it be RavenClaw, HufflePuff, Gryffindor, or Slytherin.
  • V brags about meeting Gary Oldman aka Sirius "fricken" Black.
  • Dudley Demented?
  • Is the director for the Deathly Hallows movie screwed over with the stuff they took out of Order of the Phoenix? Our panel discusses this.
  • And many more topics that are all over the place

Homework Assignment 10:

Finally next time we will make it to the double digits. Help us out won't you by sending in comments and/or questions to or call 1 (206) 350-6679

download Episode 9: 10MB

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PhoenixCast 8: A Phoenix Rebirth. Contact (206) 350-6679 OR
Join Tiny Tim, Ingrid, and V in this fresh new episode from the PhoenixCast ashes. It's been almost a year but we are back to talk about some more hp. With the release of Deathly Hallows only 5 days away, our panel discussed many theories. Our panel of hosts also gave a review of the Order of the Phoenix Movie.
  • New voicemail number. Send us comments, questions, theories etc to 1 (206) 350-6679 ! You can also contact us by email:
  • Tiny Tim comes out of the Slytherin Common Room to discuss the new OOTP movie with V. Overall they both liked it.
  • Warning: The Movie review is cut short because of an editing error that occured.
  • Meet our newest PC panelist, Ingrid. She joins us to discuss our last minute book 7 predictions.
  • Tiny Tim reveals that the secret thing in the locked room is actually his hair that contains some lost love (?).
  • Book cover discussion, What side is snape on, horcruxes, beginning of book, the veil, gringotts, Mirror of Erised, DoM, Hallows, who will die ? who will live? and all that jazz
  • Bloopers: A random muggle interupts and scares us in the middle of our Snape discussions. He thinks we're talking about snakes and lectures us about prophecies in the bible. Is he really 'Alan Rickman'?
  • Homework Assignment 9: Ready Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and send us comments, questions or feedback to our voicemail or email!
Download Ep8: 14MB

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Quibbler Exclusive!: PhoenixCast rises from the Ashes?

Be prepared for a new set of hosts and a new format because PhoenixCast will be coming back soon. After a long absence from itunes (the quibbler calculates it to almost being a year), PhoenixCasts plans on recording a fresh new episode on friday the 13th.

Unlucky? Hopefully not.Keep an eye out for it the weekend of the 13th for a movie review and talk of the books and much more.

If you are interested in doing a segment of your own for the show, Send us an email at . Include a description of what you would do in the monthly or weekly segment and if possible a .mp3 sample of what you would do.

Friday, September 29, 2006

PhoenixCast Mini Update

A very quick update on changes in the show Plus contest info. Read below for details.

Contest Instructions and Rules. To enter you must send in an email to with the following information:
  • Name: (whatever name you want to go by)
  • House you want to be sorted in: (Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, or HufflePuff)
  • (* optional) if you want to be on the quidditch team, which spot on the team do you want. Can only have 7 players per house)
How to Earn House Points?
  • To earn house points, you must first send in questions, theories, and/or comments regarding anything harry potter. IF they are aired on the show or used on the show you will earn 10 points for yourself as well as your house. On March 1, 2007 the PERSON with the most points will win a very small prize. Also, The HOUSE with the most total points will be able to control an entire episode of PhoenixCast as well as have an opportunity to be on the show, if they so want to.
  • Email us at OR Call us at 1 (206) 888-3173 Download PhoenixCast Mini: 2MB

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hey guys! Thanks for being so patient. I finally got my computer fixed and will be recording a new episode soon. Please keep an eye out for that. Also, there are major changes to the show. All that plus the contest will be talked about in the next PhoenixCast episode Again, I really appreciate your patience!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hello guys, I'm just writing to let you all know that I was trying to update the site and as i was saving things.. My computer turned off on me because of a power outage. So I lost all the people who registered into houses and the house points. As well as some other stuff There will be a PhoenixCast contest that will involve the house points. It will be explained next episode. So we are starting from scratch! This time I will keep record. How do you Register and earn points? Simple! Write to and tell us what house you want to be registered in. You win house points by submitting in emails or voicemails to air on the show. Get the most points and you will earn a prize at the beginning of the next year.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (Tiny Tim 3) The Slytherin Common Room Presents

Don don dOn
Late Night With Tiny Tim
Check out whats up with Me, Tiny Tim. With special guess Draco Malfoy, who talks about his secret which we all know about because he told us on the last episode. Who's this Special appearance by Napoleon Dynamite... And someones been stalking Tiny Tim!?
Do you need help with your wombats, I Tiny Tim will help you with some analogies. What's This, anti-Wizard rock, Redneck Bill sings us his latest Hit, "The Next Book." Get ready for some Tiny Tim.
Download: 6MB

Thursday, July 13, 2006

PhoenixCast Episode 7: A Trip To Hogsmeade and The WizardPalooza!

Welcome to this weeks edition of PhoenixCast. I hope you all have your permission slips signed and in order for Hogsmeade. Mr. Filtch will be collecting them as you leave the great hall, so don’t think you can get by with a forged signature. When in Hogsmede, you will be free to visit the shops, other establishments, the shrieking shack, and on the west end of town, you can visit Wizardpalooza, an all day wizard rock concert. Get ready to listen to some of the wizarding worlds best Wizard Rock bands!!

Episode 7: A Trip To Hogsmeade and The WizardPalooza
  • Intro: Hear V's "British Accent" that sounds a bit more Australian
  • Quibbler Headliners: FIRE FIRE! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!
    • Congratulations to Doctor JK Rowling like Bowling
    • JK Rowling talks about the 7th Book
    • News Just in!! Dumbledore Dies in the 6th book! or atleast NEWS TO GAMBON!
  • HOGSMEADE: Student VoiceMails!
    • Sabrina: So I'm wondering, why is Harry not interested in Hermione? Just kinda seems like it should work shouldn't it? I dunno call me old fashioned maybe I'm just into the original kind of stuff but I dunno I'm still for the harry/hermione hookup So what do you think harry's got going on in his brain thats not happenin?
    • Luca: Why are there so many balls in quidditch?
  • Conclusion:
    • Homework Assignment 8 (read below for details)
    • Thanx to you for listening! AND a big, big thanks to all the Wizard Rock Bands that participated! Thanks!
    • New Myspace page under display name PhoenixCast
    • Tiny Tim's segments will be PhoenixCast mini's. His next segment is a tiny tim mini solo next week. Listen to what happens in the Slytherin Common Room late at night. Where are the PREFECTS?!
    • End of show
    • BLOOPERS!!!
download(episode 7: 42MB)

Homework Assignment 8: Muggle Studies: Its back to Class! Next week's topic is Muggle Studies. Help us out by sending us voicemails or emails with questions or comments! Send Email questions or comments to OR call 1 (206) 888-3173 or Skype us with our new Skypename: PhoenixPodcast!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The Slytherin Common Room (Tiny Tim #2) Presents


Late Night with Tiny Tim

Follow me, Tiny Tim, as I introduce Ron the Procrastinator, who agreed to do the show with me today. Listen to my crazy monologue about the border control, J.K. Coming to the U.S., and much more.

Cho Chang will be my second guest, listen to her crazy rambling about Cedric Diggory who she still loves and listen to her hallucinate about me being Cedric.

Do you know your favorite characters secrets?, well we're giving them a chance to speak out on one of our bits called SEEECREEETS

Hope you enjoy,

Tiny Tim

Download: 5MB

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

PhoenixCast Episode 6: Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson!

PhoenixCast has a new myspace page join us at There is also a myspace group for phoenixcast at

Join Professor V and Professor Jeff in a discussion about one of the most intriguing subjects in the wizarding world, Defense Against the Dark Arts!! Hear some questions that our Hogwarts Students have asked. Hear the latest news in the muggle and wizarding worlds! Episode 6: DATDA Lessons
  • Intro: What is today's topic?
  • Quibbler Headliners: FIRE FIRE! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!
    • Top fictional characters, what rank is harry in?!!!!
    • Dan Radcliffe making guest appearance on "Extras"!
    • Filming of London landmarks for wizard chase in OotP!
    • Some of the HP actors to attend Queen's 80th birthday on June 25th!
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson: Student VoiceMails!
    • Morgan: Hello Professors this is morgan again. (inaudible) Who has been your favorite defense against the dark arts teacher so far? and why do you think Snape wanted the position so badly?
    • Jack: Hi Professor V and Professor Jeff. I'm sorry if my audio quality isn't very good but i'm sick right now. So.. but i have a question about defense against the dark arts. Who do you think the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will be in book 7? because I think she (Jo) probably won't introduce any new characters. What old character do you think it would be. Thanks, Bye. Love the show
  • Student Emails
    • Shelley: Hi there I have thought this for awhile and I wonder if anyone else wondered about it as well. Why did "Prof Moody" aka Barty Crouch jr teach his class about the unforgivable curses. If they hadn't been taught how to resist the Imperius curse then Harry would not have gotten away. Does any one else think it was a little cruel to the spiders that were used? Are people able to use the Imperius curse on others for certain reasons like teaching I thought they were punishable curses. Shelley aka Hermione's Wish
    • Sparx: hello hello! This is Rafael aka Sparx, I apologize for not sending in questions for the last couple podcasts. So, DATDA, where to start? I guess, I'd like to ask you guys who your favorite DATDA professor has been thus far? Hermoine's a bright kid, if given the chance and when all of everything is over and done, do you think she'd be a good candidate to teach DATDA? One final question, will there ever be a spell that would be affective against My Humps by the black eye peas?
  • Prof Random talk moments
    • Ninja Turtles Rule!
    • Xbox vs. PS2 vs. GameCube: hp games and non hp games (why did the inferi pop out in the GOF game?
    • It is official Jeff and V will do an inheritance series Podcast called "The Gedwey Ignasia" Hear V have trouble pronouncing it in the Anciet Language
    • and V definitely needs a Remembrall! ("is that even how you spell it.. i dunno i forgot! YIKES!")
  • Conclusion:
    • Homework Assignment 7 (read below for details)
    • Thanx to you for listening!
    • New Myspace page under display name PhoenixCast
    • Tiny Tim's segments will be PhoenixCast mini's. His next segment is a tiny tim mini solo next week.
    • Be on the look out for "The Gedwey Ignasia" Podcast. Coming soon to a podcatcher near you!
    • End of show
    • BLOOPERS!!!
download(episode 5: 8MB)

Homework Assignment 7: A Trip to Hogsmeade: Get your Galleons and sickles ready for a real treat. Next Episode we are taking our students on a trip to hogsmeade! Get ready to experience the WizardPalooza A collection of wizard rock groups So send us in your questions which can be about anything Hogsmeade or anything in general. Questions are open and get ready to rock out with some wizard rock bands. Thankx guys!!! Email questions or comments to OR call 1 (206) 888-3173 or Skype us with our new Skypename: PhoenixPodcast!!!

    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    PhoenixCast Episode 5: History of Magic!

    Join Professor V and Professor Jeff AND Slytherin Student Tiny Tim (who joins the PhoenixCast crew with a new segment called "Late Night with Tiny Tim") as they talk about magic. Tiny Tim gives us a very EXCLUSIVE interview with Lucius Malfoy. Hear some questions that our Hogwarts Students have asked. Hear the latest news in the muggle and wizarding worlds! Episode 5: History of Magic Lessons
    • Intro: What is today's topic?
    • Quibbler Headliners: FIRE FIRE! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!
      • JKR coming the to the U.S.A. in August!!!!
      • JKR discredits John Noe's word of "Horcri", the new H*&#!%
      • New Composer for Order of the Phoenix!
    • History of Magic Lessons: Student Emails!
      • Shelley aka Hermione's Wish: Hi Guys I am sorry I didn't email earlier I enjoyed the last podcast but and I really hate to say it but the sound was really bad I'm not sure if it was just me or not. I liked hearing another aussie on the show and hope we hear from you again Ashley. My question is do we really know how Professor Binns died? and what is his full name could he be the R.A.B we are looking for? I know it's very unlikely but the wy he died could have wiped his memory of how and why he died what do you think? Shelley aka Hermione's wish(on live journal) P.S you should all join live journal that have a great community there called Hogwarts in Harmony and i would also like to recommend two other podcasts they are the Harmony podcast and the Harmonytv podcast
    • History of Magic: Professor's Short Random Moment
      • Professors talk about other Podcasts
      • Prof's talk about a new podcast they might start about the Inheritance Series: Eragon, Eldest, and Empire(?), is 6 Christopher Paolini's magic number?
    • Student Email's Cont'd
      • Lancy D. : Hello! I just discovered yopur podcast and am totally in love with it!! I have a question though...How do you get a WOMBAT ID on JK Rowlings website? Anyways I love the Podcast! Thanks Lancy D.
    • "Late Night With Tiny Tim"
      • Harry Potter World News Jokes
      • Tiny Tim does Fan Theories: The truth behind the Veil and the Truth behind Dumbledore's Death
      • Draco and Snape Shipping
      • Lucius Malfoy Interview: Lucius's gives Tiny Tim a lesson about love (maybe he's a more sensitive person than we think?),tells us about his son and his fears
      • In the Year 2000 bit
    • Conclusion:
        • Homework Assignment 6 (read below for details)
        • A random interuption by LORD VOLDEMORT!!
        • New Skype Name: PhoenixPodcast(Skype us your questions!, its free with Skype!!)
        • Thank You's (Special thanks to Tiny Tim and our listeners!)
        • End of show
        • BLOOPERS!!!

      download (episode 5: 8MB)

      Homework Assignment 6: Defense Against the Dark Arts: Get your Experliarmus spell ready for next episode’s Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson. So send us in your Defense Against the Dark Arts questions. Thankx guys!!! Email questions or comments to OR call 1 (206) 888-3173 or Skype us with our new Skypename: PhoenixPodcast!!!

      Wednesday, April 26, 2006

      PhoenixCast Episode 4: Divination Lessons!

      Join Professor Jeff and Substitute Professor Ashley (a very special Guest!) as they look into their crystal balls and profess the future of Harry Potter. Hear the great questions that our Hogwarts Students are wondering about and hear the latest news in the muggle and wizarding worlds! Episode 4: Divination Lessons
      • Intro: What is today's topic?
      • Quibbler Headliners: FIRE FIRE! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!
        • Release date of the Order of the Phoenix Movie
        • The 7/07/07 release controversy
        • JKR WOMBAT test results!
      • Divination Lessons: Student Voicemails!
        • Gryffindor Student - Erica: Professor Vi, Professor Jeff, It’s me Erica and I have a question. I was crystal-ball gazing the other day and I was just wondering. Do you think that, maybe, professor Dumbledore might have kept Professor Trewlaney at Hogwarts because he felt she was in danger because she was the one who made the prophecy? And maybe lord Voldemort would want to go after her? I know he wanted to get rid of the subject of Divination all together; but, it seems like the only logical reason why he would keep Trewlaney teaching and even when she was back in the 5th book, he kept her in the castle. Thanks.
        • RavenClaw Student - Emily: Hi my name is Emily from Iowa and I have a question for you. Ok, In the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius falls through the veil in the Department of Mysteries. What do you think happened to the physical body and what do you think becomes of the spiritual being. Thanks I love your show and keep up the good work.
      • Divination Lessons!: Student Emails!
        • Lyndsi: Hi there, My name is Lyndsi and I am from Ludington Michigan...I kinda had a question about Divination since I read your information for the podcast! I was wondering if you had any ideas about if Professor Trelawney having another one of those know when she got that really deep voice....and said went all "The Dark Lord will rise again..." stuff just about something more close by or close to home? Just a thought. Thanks for reading my email
        • Shelly aka Hermione's Wish: Hi Guys, I love your web site. Where did you get the music and what is it called? Ok my question is who do think is a better Divination teacher? Prof Trelawney or Firenze? Has anyone in the class used Divination before and did it work? Will Prof Trelawney make any more true predictions? and is she really that bad she did predict neville breaking the tea cup and Hermione leaving the class. Hermione's Wish aka Shelley Oh and Happy Easter everyone
        • Cassidy: Hi my name is cassidy and I was wondering why don't Harry and Ron just quit divination in book three. Because I would have already quit. Thanks for the really cool podcast. oh yeah and I want to be a Griffendor chaser of keeper Gryffindor. Cassidy
      • Conclusion
        • Homework Assignment 5 (read below for details)
        • Thank You's (Special thanks to Ashley and our listeners!)
        • End of show
        • BLOOPERS!!!
        download (episode 4: 3MB)

        Homework Assignment 5: History of Magic: Get your history books ready for next episode’s History of Magic Lesson. Also, Slytherin Student Tiny Tim has finished his comedy segment and the new segment, “Late Night with Tiny Tim”, will air on the next episode. Professor Vi will also be back. So send us in your History of Magic questions. Thankx guys!!! Email questions to OR call 1 (206) 888-3173 !!!

      Thursday, March 30, 2006

      PhoenixCast Episode 3: Potions Lessons

      Episode 3: Potion Lessons
      • Intro: What is today's topic?
      • Quibbler Headliners: FIRE FIRE! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!
        • Order of the Phoenix casting news!: Mr. Remus And Black(R.A.B.)teehee! yay!
        • Goblet of Fire Sales booming!!!
        • LUMOS!!!
        • PhoenixCast still looking for Quibbler Newsreporter and a transcriber
      • (Potion Lessons): Student Voicemails!
        • Morgan: Hello Professors this is Morgan peering from outside your window and i was just wondering if You think that Snape is good or evil? and if you think he'll become a deatheater? and do you think he was in love with lilly potter? that's about it. Thank you
        • Zuly: Hi Professors! this is Zuly, I'm calling from Chicago, Illinois. I have a question about potions, specifically,about Felix Felicis. Do you think its going to show up in book 7 again? What will Harry, Ron, and Hermione do with it? I know that harry used it to get the memory from slughorn and he wanted to use it to help express his feelings for Ginny and be her boyfriend but decided not to be in a relationship with her to keep her off of danger. I'm sure he'll use it to destroy voldemort but what else do you guys think?
        • Jack: Hello professor Jeff and Proffesor Vi. I'm Jack from slytherin and i love your show. Snape makes lots of potions and some kids think that they are poison. Why do they drink them anyways. Also, I have to do this week's famous question if mcgonagal drank a potion that made her really hyper and peppy, What would happen if she sang my humps from the black eye peas? Thanks!
      • (Potion Lessons): Student Emails!
        • Erica S: Hey guys,Love the show!! I've been listening since episode 1 and it gets better everytime. I have 2 questions: 1) Do you think the trio will make some Felix Felicis just to have some around in case it may come in handy? 2) Do you think we will see the Half Blood Princes (Snape) potions book again? It may be useful since I think Snape is a good guy and there may be something in there to help Harry and the trio. Thanks and again, I love the show!!! Keep them coming!!
      • Question about last week's episodeShelley: Hi there I like your pocast and think it's so great because it is different. I would love to be on the grffyndor quidditch team as a keeper. i think in the last podcast you said james was a seeker but he was a chaser. I have a qustion about book 6 why did Harry have try-outs for keeper when that position was filled by Ron Angelina as captin only had try-outs for the empty postions. do you think Hermione acted out of character casting a spell so Ron would get the postion of keeper she is such a strong person to act so silly over a guy. Hermione's whish aka shelley
      • Conclusion
        • Homework assignent 3: Divinations(read below for details)
        • Future segment with slytherin student Tiny Tim IN "Late Night with TINY TIM!!" COMING SOON TO PHOENIXCAST!!!
        • End of show
        • HW announcement
        • BLOOPERS!!!
      download (episode 3) Homework Assignment : Next week we will foretell the unforseen!! Send in your questions for Divinations Class!! Oh and for extra credit create a dancing image of mcgonagal dancing to "my humps" by the black eye peas. (sheesh the black eye peas need any more plugs??.. thanx Thankx guys!!! Email questions to OR call 1 (206) 888-3173 !!!

      Thursday, March 16, 2006

      PhoenixCast Episode 2: Quidditch Tryouts!

      Join Professor Vi and Jeff as they explore in detail the game of quidditch. Hear who currently made the quidditch team, spots for the quidditch team and other after school activities still available. Hear from the Quibbler news and hear our students ask questions about the popular wizarding sport.

      Episode 2: Quidditch Tryouts
      • Intro: What is today's topic?
      • Quibbler Headliners: FIRE FIRE! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!
        • PhoenixCast on itunes and new voicemail number 1 (206) 888-3173!!!
        • GOF DVD sells big
        • Order of the Phoenix updates
      • Quidditch Tryouts!: Student Voicemails!
        • Chloe: Professor jeff, I was wondering in our muggle studies we learned how sports can often affect the moral of a nation when its at war. Since the return of You Know Who, what role do you think Quiditich will play in the nation’s retaliation and unification. Thanks bye!
        • Morgan: Hello Professors, this is morgan from England now and I was just wondering after Harry Potter Goblet of Fire, if you think that the quidditch matches will be covered that much in the new Harry Potter movies. Thank you
        • Annelise: Hi Phoenix Casters! When Harry did the quidditch tryouts for the Grffindor quidditch team in Half Blood Prince, how did he make the final decision for who got on the team and who didn't, especially for the positions of chaser and beater? For chaser, the book states that he began with a basic flying test, but you can't just judge people on how well they fly around the field, and we didn't hear anything about the beaters. Thanks for your time and doing a great podcast! I like how professionally done it is.
      • Quidditch Tryouts!: Student Emails!
        • Erica: Hey PhoenixCasters, Love the show and thank you for answering my question on your first episode. I have a question that is sort of related to Quidditch. What do you think about the fact that Harry's parents lived in Godric's Hollow and Godric's Hollow happens to be where the snitch was invented? Also, after the war is over and assuming that the trio live, do you think Ron and Harry might consider playing Quidditch professionally. Thanks and I would love to be on the Gryffindor House Quidditch team, preferably a chaser.
        • Rafael: I heard your Care of Magical Creatures podcast and first off, let me just say, it was amazing. But, you neglected one of the listeners questions.Something about black eyed peas? But i'll go on to my questions. Do you think Harry Potter will grow up to be a great quiditch seaker, or after this whole thing with Voldemort, he'll stay on the path to become an Auror to help keep other evil wizards at bay? What are your favorite quiditch positions and why? And last but not least, if hermoine, ginny, and luna were to sing "my humps" by the black eye peas at the quiditch match to distract the other team, would it be effective or would it also distract the gryffindor team?
      • Professor Chat: We interview ourselves since the student we were going to was unavailable
      • Conclusion
        • Homework Assignment 3 (read below for details)
        • Announcing the new Quidditch house players!
        • Thank You's (you yeah you!!) and also special thanks to Tiny Tim and Kelazma
        • End of show
        • Many a BLOOPERS!!!
      download (episode 2: 4MB)

      Homework Assignment 3: Potions Lessons: Get your books and potions supplies ready! Your homework assignment for next week is to submit questions about anything related to potions, characters related to potions, and anything at all related to the potions is acceptable. Also you may subit an email for an internship working as a transcriber or our Quibbler News Reporter. Thankx guys!!! Email questions to OR call 1 (206) 888-3173 !!!

      Wednesday, March 01, 2006

      PhoenixCast Episode 1: Care of Magical Creatures Lesson

      The offical first episode has finally been made! Hear Professor Vi and Jeff talk about magical creatures and hear some news from the daily prophet. Again we want to thank everyone who sent in questions because since our podcast relies on a role-playing classroom environment, we rely greatly on you guys!!! So here is a quick outline of the podcast. Right below the outline is a link to download the mp3 file of the show. Enjoy!!

      Episode 1: Care of Magical Creatures

      • Intro: What is today's topic?
      • Daily Prophet Headliners: This Just In!
        • GOF Dvd!
        • JKR's Diary Update!
        • The Black Tree Buyer!
      • Magical Creatures: Student Questions!
        • Q1: From Lorena (Micigan State U.) - Hagrid is clearly passionate about the animals that he cares for. First where do you think this passion stems from and do you think his passion is a positive one or is he hiding from real emotional relationships through the animals? Also, Is the phonex rising actually dumboldore being reincarnated?
        • Q2: From Erica - I was just wondering, where is Fluffy? I know it seems unimportatnt but I always wondered what someone would do with a three headed dog. Thanks
        • Q3: From Rafael - Let's say Harry, Hermoine, and Ron have to go into hiding from the Dark Lord and Hagrid offers to keep them on ground with them in the form of magical creatures? what magical creatures will each of them be? And in continuation to that question... if Hermoine is a magical parrot creature thing, would she be taught to sing "My Humps"?
        • Q4: (voicemail Q) From Morgan(New Hampshire)- Hi professors this is Morgan from New Hampshire, a long time listener, second time caller, and I was just wondering, which creature do you think makes the larget impact in the whole series of Harry Potter? Thanks
      • Student Chat
        • Jeff interviews our first Raven Claw student!
      • Conclusion
        • Homework assignent 2 (read below for details)
        • End of show
        • BLOOPERS!!!
      download (episode 1)

          Homework Assignment 2: Quiditch Tryouts!! Hey guys your homework assignment for next episode is to send in a question about Quiditich (perferably audio questions but text are good too). It can be anything from characters, to brooms, to the game itself... Anything as long as it is about Quiditich. IF you want to join a house quiditch team let us know too so we can put you on the side bar! And for EXTRA CREDIT!!! Spread the word about PhoenixCast!! Thankx guys!!! Email questions to

          Monday, February 13, 2006


          This is Professor Vi and Seer Jeff's first attempt at podcasting thanks to the MuggleCaster's Segment Contest. Here is the 7 minute entry they entered called Divination Lessons (questions answered with predictions about book 7).


          MuggleCast Contest Entry: Divination Lessons download

          • Introduction
            • Intro of segment and Meet Vi and Jeff!!
          • Broaden Your Minds: Questions!
            • Q1: Can Sirius Black come back through the mirror of Erised?
            • Q2: What is behind the locked door in the Department of Ministries?
            • Q3: Will Harry or Voldemort be destroyed? How?
          • End Show!

          Next Time on PhoenixCast: Hello Students! Next class session will be our first official PhoenixCast Episode. We need your help to start it off "Register" as a PhoenixCast Student by mailing us a question for our upcoming topic!! Our classroom topic will be "Care of Magical Creatures" You can ask anything about the creatures you want us to talk about, about characters who deal with magical creatures, about students who took that class.. just about anything you can ask that has to do with Magical creatures. So help start our first official episode by sending us a question through our email at !!!